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Piotr Nogal

My name is Piotr Nogal. I am a Polish doctor (MD), ophthalmologist. With a passion for holistic medicine I also practice neuro-ophthalmology. I devote my life to patients and development of medicine.

I am a graduate of elite Military Medical Academy in Lodz, Poland (1991-1997). I was taught there how to think logically within the limits of described medical knowledge, which gave me the ability to look for non-standard solutions in moments when from the path of predictable and discovered medicine one has to go into the territory of ignorance and support oneself with basic sciences in medicine, conscience, reason and logic… all the attributes of “ars medica” that allow us to win with a disease mechanism that has not been known yet.

I am also a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Wrocław (1988-91/1992-94); a Certified Physical Education Teacher. It was at the Academy of Physical Education that, during my exam in Sports Medicine, which I passed with honours, I was encouraged to study medicine.

While working as a military doctor in the Air Force or practicing scuba diving, I observed the dependence of body condition on changing pressure. In order to study these mechanisms in more detail, I practice in the Swiss Alps, where foehn phenomena and frequent changes in atmospheric pressure seem to have an impact on glaucoma, headaches and migraines.

I described the hydraulic hypothesis of the mechanism of migraine and normal pressure glaucoma dependent on the phenomenon of pressure equalization in the posterior chamber and choroid of the eye. The phenomenon on which I based my hypothesis was described as first in the world by Prof. Jan Lauber – Polish ophthalmologist (1936).

I am co-author of the hydraulic hypothesis of the Uhthoff phenomenon in multiple sclerosis and NMO (Neuromyelitis optica; Devic’s Disease); presentation at the International Neurology Symposium “CONy 2019”.

I am the inventor of a non-invasive tonometer of the posterior chamber of the human eye patented at the European Patent Office:


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