My publications:


  1. Migraine as a lethal disease? DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. How to Diagnose Migraine? DOWNLOAD PDF
  3. How to Fight Migraines? DOWNLOAD PDF
  4. Pupillary block and the reason for constructing a tonometer of posterior chamber and vitreous humour of a human eye. DOWNLOAD PDF
  5. Nogal’s mechanism of migraine (“MIGRAINE”) and primary open-angle glaucoma of “normal” pressure in the light of the “mechanical” and the “vascular” theory of the optic nerve damage. DOWNLOAD PDF
  6. The genesis of the term “cataract” in respect of cataract by Piotr Nogal DOWNLOAD PDF
  7. „Hydraulic “cerebrophthalmic loop” determining in the relative intraocular hypertension multiple “nervovascular conflicts” in the skull, including cavernous sinus, orbit and eyeball, complicating in the “vicious circle” mechanism, dependent on the Bernoulli’s paradox, organism’s local and systemic disorders in the “4 lead 4 brain” process by Nogal” DOWNLOAD