Our Aims

Aims of creating the website

This website is intended as a communication tool for the fastest possible exchange of information between:

Us (doctors and patients),

Us (doctors and doctors),

Us (doctors and originators; certified scientists, medical authorities, creators of ideas and thinkers of any education and experience whose intellectual work can positively affect the development of medicine for the good of all of us… we are all humans and nowadays each of us is exposed to whatever kind of health conditions).

Materials posted here will be made available to general public and their release will be automatic or depending on the administration of the resources as soon as possible on a basis determined during the first quarter of the website functioning. We will make sure that the website is impossible to be discredited in the opinion of its recipients, and at the same time we want to provide authors with the freedom to post their own materials.

The date of posting medical materials on new methods, inventions in medicine and discoveries of new treatment mechanisms will provide at the same time protection of copyright of an author who will not have to be stressed out that their work or the aim of research have “accidentally” found another author. We will also provide those who publish with us the possibility to administer their own papers. This will allow authors to work further in the atmosphere of relative comfort to exchange views with other scientists still in the period of waiting for publication in a professional medical journal or presentation during a symposium expected in the future.

Staying in contact with you, we will do our best to organise this website together so as to minimize the periods of “scientific silence” between the discovery, invention of a device or development of a new treatment method and its publishing which has been the only form of protection of copyright so far. This will allow us to accelerate progress in medicine, which is now often slowed down, by waiting for the consent for publication for dozens of months. We hope that the publication of materials on our site, at least in part, will stimulate reviewers and publishers, who now still decide about the publication of whatever kind of medical paper.

Papers, inventions, discoveries and ideas presented on the website will be a collection which each website visitor will be able to use freely for the good of the development of medicine, however, not forgetting about copyright already confirmed with the date for posting it to our site by the author. I hope that by creating this website in the best interest of mankind, we will contribute to the acceleration of medical advances that so far have often been restricted with time limits in the exchange of information between us.  We expect that the materials presented on the website will also be posted by you in English, which will enable them to immediately be in circulation outside our country in the internet space that is nowadays free of any restrictions.

The website authors’ dream is also to organise a cyclic discussion forum for medical authorities, professionals in other areas and regular practitioner doctors as well as people from outside a particular scientific area whose approach to raised problems may be different from ours and, in the absence of strains of a particular field of science, could mean the occurrences of lightnings in “brainstorming” and advancement in science as well.

Today on 1st April 2014 you are welcome to use this website, which is already being created before your eyes. We invite those who want to participate in its creation as well as those who just want to use it. We invite those of you whose dream and vocation is to help sick people, also through the positive effect on the development of medicine, as well as those who need assistance from us and being affected by disease firmly count on us.

Best regards,

Piotr Nogal.